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Ocean Dancer - Maldives - Specialist of dive trips and surf trips

The ultimate Maldives surfing trip, the Ocean Dancer luxury live-aboard experience

The Ocean Dancer luxury live-aboard boat will provide you with the surfing experience of a lifetime featuring amazing surfing locations, in a truly incredible environment, with outstanding 5 Star service and amazing restaurant prepared meals. Your hosts David and Gaelle Mesnard, welcome you aboard Ocean Dancer, where they will ensure you a truly unique and unforgettable Maldives surfing holiday experience.

21 years of experience in the Maldives

David and Gaelle Mesnard have over 21 years experience organizing exclusive Maldives diving safaris and over 6 years offering the ultimate surfing trips throughout the Maldives. Ocean Dancer is not only the finest luxury boat in the country, but David and Gaelle have the best team on board offering the best local knowledge and professionalism to deliver a luxury live-aboard experience. Alongside the highly trained Chef's offering an exceptional range of locally prepared produce and seafood for your dining pleasure.

The team from Ocean Dancer are totally committed to providing you with the best possible Maldives surfing or diving holiday experience, and to that end our dedicated staff work year round to ensure everything is just right. David and Gaelle Mesnard personaly live on board and share with you their love for the ocean.

David and Gaelle are both keen free-divers and provide an on board complimentary free diving course to help you to understand how to hold you breath longer under water and reach your goal with mental training, breathing technique s and relaxation. You can expect more than just an exceptional Maldives surf and dive experience, we're sure the free-diving will change your life forever.

The ultimate Maldives surfing experience

To ensure you have the ultimate Maldives surfing experience, our friendly Australain surf guides on board are familiar with the area and conditions to ensure they will always select the best spot for you featuring the best Maldivian waves available.

And in the unlikely event of poor swell or bad surfing conditions, David, Gaelle and the team on Ocean Dancer will ensure an enjoyable experience. This may include chilling out watching a DVD in the luxurious living room, diving, snorkeling, fishing or having some time at our relaxing SPA.
Ensuring your ultimate Maldives surfing or diving experience is our commitment, knowing you will visit aboard Ocean Dancer will be the holiday of a lifetime.

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Ocean Dancer

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